Cloud services for IoT Applications

1/ Enable the latest IoT technologies in your product, from the device to the cloud
2/ Discover the scale and flexibility of cloud solutions
3/ Build connected platforms for consumers or internal stakeholders

Work with our team of experts to develop the best solutions for your connected products


Develop robustly secure platforms for your devices leveraging unique device identities (X.509 certificates and TPMs).

Cloud Platform Agnostic

Determine the best cloud platform for your needs. With active deployments in Azure, AWS, and GCP, we can help you find the right fit.

Asset Management & Monitoring

Leverage solutions that enable your teams to have at-a-glance information of all your devices - without making them go out into the field.

Adapt to Your Need

With experience in many stages of product development, we can help you with everything from provisioning device identities to developing web and device user interfaces and much more.

What our clients say about us

“The team was totally focused on the business value and started by visiting plants & labs to clearly see the business needs. Then, Witekio has been a great technological guide into this IoT world that was new to us and helped us to design and build a scalable and reliable architecture.”

Antoine Roy - Digital software project Leader - Solvay

"Developing a reliable and secure solution for our retail display solution is of the highest priority. Witekio helped identify and set up our IoT solutions based on Azure.Witekio’s team of application and cloud engineers helped us navigate the solutions and develop a secure and scalable architecture. Their knowledge on the subject was critical in getting our product to be secure and ready for primetime within our tight schedule.”

Rob Dravenstott - CTO - Cooler Screens

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