Software development for IoT Medical devices

Software system design for the next generation of smart connected medical solutions

• Over 20 years’ experience
• International team : Seattle, Paris, Lyon, Bristol, Friedberg
• Leading MedTech and connected medical device manufacturers on projects
• From edge to cloud software solutions

Key Features for your IoT Medical Device

Connectivity infrastructure

Secure transfer of sensitive health data between connected devices and private or public cloud infrastructure

Compliant Solutions

Align your device with all relevant international privacy and security standards.

Ease to Use and update

Medical device must allow remote software and security update to provide performance and easy to use for all users.

Market leading big-data algorithms

Leverage years of expertise in AI and big-data processing to process, analyze, and extract insights from healthcare data.

Develop and secure the software system of your medical IoT device

Align your device security with industry best practices and inspire confidence in your end users.

Choose the best option for your connected Medical device

Leverage Witekio's expertise to make the best hardware, software, and cloud decisions.

A trusted and experienced partner for the long term

Trust our team for OTA software updates and essential maintenance on your connected medical devices.

Are you ready to build your IoT Medical device?

Why work with Witekio


Experience in all aspects of connected medical devices software development and system security.


Leverage our knowledge of IoT & embedded software development to make the right hardware, software, and cloud choices.

Long term partner

Maintain your devices and upgrade firmware OTA for a superior end user experience.

« We approached Witekio having limited prior experience with embedded Linux or Qt, and came away not only with a viable proof-of-concept but also with a solid foundation for continued product development on this and other projects.”

Travis Rothlisberger - Director of Device Development at Cerevast Medical

An idea? A new project?

Witekio is your partner to develop your IoT device